Websites to reflect your unique brand identity

Creating an online presence requires a website that reflects your unique business or brand identity.

That’s where Digilite comes in. We assess elements of your brand and business needs to carry out web design and development that’s in line with your vision. The end result is an eye-catching, user-friendly, and completely responsive website that accurately portrays your business.

Within the framework of our web design and development services, we create websites that not only convince search engines to value your company, but also captivate your clients. Our detail-oriented work ethic takes into consideration everything from seamless navigation to appealing structure and other design elements that might increase conversion rates.

We create remarkable user experiences

A successful website relies heavily on the digital user experience (UX). Our ability to design well-structured websites and maximize the technology experience stems from a thorough grasp of the customer experience.

We offer scalable and responsive web design and development services to help you achieve your objectives by providing a high-quality online platform backed by UX insights, creative design, and unique functional development.

The websites we built are powered by a robust open-source content management system, which ensures that websites appear appropriately on all devices and screens. This practice not only provides all website visitors with the same information and online tools, but it also promotes brand recognition and awareness. When you have a website with an adaptable design and dependable functionality, the user is never left in the dark about what your company or brand has to offer.

For anything from sleek and eye-catching websites to mobile-optimized sites and user-focused experiences, Digilite can make it happen.


We Create Lasting First Impressions with WordPress

WordPress is our specialty. It’s the most popular content management system available now, powering more than 33% of all websites. WordPress offers several plugins and theme options that can be customized to cater to a vast array of uses — from small, five-page static sites to massive, dynamic eCommerce websites — not just blogs.

If WordPress is good enough for Beyoncé, the New York Post, CNN, and Microsoft, we think you’ll be more than happy with the results.

With Digilite’s web development services, we aim to push the limits of what WordPress is capable of. We are a dedicated WordPress design and development agency having built over 500 WordPress websites. We cover all of your WordPress needs, from bespoke website creation to custom plugins and themes.

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Here are some of our popular WordPress customization services:

  • WordPress Theme Development
  • WordPress Theme Customization
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • WordPress Plugin Customization
  • WordPress Web Design
  • WordPress ECommerce
  • WordPress SEO
  • WordPress Maintenance and Support

Extend your in-house team with our highly professional dedicated specialists.