Wall Street HOA Management

Project Introduction

Wall Street HOA Management is a trusted and notable HOA management company based in Los Angeles, CA. The company was founded in 1999 to manage and provide excellent services for homeowner's associations throughout LA County. Working with current technology advancements, they use cutting-edge technology to manage communities by foreseeing future problems before their emergence. The company's proactive approach helps prevent future issues and creates harmony for neighbors within HOA communities. To do all of that, a user-friendly and easily navigable web interface is essential in order to attract current and prospective clientele. Afterwards, the task would be to gain traction to the current and prospective clientele. Afterwards, the task would be to gain traction to the newly polished website in order to establish a strong digital presence.

Website Design and Development

The foundation of a strong online presence is the company website and that’s exactly where we started from. We began the project by redesigning the website that would showcase the company's core values, services, and reputability with user experience in mind. The pictures of community, nature, and the combination of light green and white colors create a relaxing and peaceful mood conveying feelings of security, stability, and harmony. The flat design of the website pleases the eye encouraging customers to digest the content easily. Our web developers achieved the task of adding a breath of fresh air to the existing website by making it user friendly and search engine friendly.

Search Engine Optimization

After redesigning the website and making it clear and simple, we began optimizing it for search engines. Much of the optimization went hand-in-hand with website redesign since aspects like faster loading times, optimized visuals, and functioning links all benefited the site’s SEO. With the technical aspects taken care of, our specialists moved to on-site and off-site content optimization in order to rank higher for targeted keywords. There are many layers regarding HOA management — from the financial to administrative. All of those were optimal talking points for our content writers who produced the blogs with industry-specific topics and by using specific keywords to boost the ranking. Localized keywords, effective strategic optimization, on-site and off-site blogs assisted us in getting better results in no time.

Social Media Management and PPC

Alongside SEO, our next step was launching Wall Street HOA’s marketing campaigns. Our client’s target audience was local HOAs within LA County, which is the demographic we targeted during both SMM and PPC campaigns. This was an excellent way to use both organic and paid marketing strategies to yield the best results. We promoted and marketed the company’s services across various social media platforms and networks. Our social posts targeted audiences within LA county by sharing informative content for homeowners, tips regarding both administrative and financial aspects of the company, and points on why Wall Street HOA Management is beneficial for customers. Through SMM and PPC, our specialists engaged people interested in HOA and generated new leads raising the company’s brand awareness.

Every element contributes to a brand’s success in the digital world — from development to marketing to sales. Digilite’s entire team was all-hands-on-deck in order to realize the goals of our client.