Walker Wine Locker

Project Introduction

Walker Wine Locker provides a humidity and temperature-controlled wine storage solution for customers. With more than ten years of experience in the wine auction business, the company learned how crucial provenance is to maintaining the health and value of a wine collection. They offer a variety of storage solutions, from 24 case lockers to larger walk-in areas that may accommodate hundreds of cases. But in this digital age, how would customers know and opt for their services if the business didn't have a website? At this point, the company requested that we set up and structure a WordPress template while providing a better user experience.

Template Setup and Structure

Our professional team provided template setup and structure with the goal of making the interface easy to navigate and utilize. We achieved that by finding a structure where images and text are next to each other, making it easier for the user to read the content. We structured the most important information up front, segmenting each piece of content and highlighting the company’s mission, reasons for choosing it, number of cases, lockers, and types of wine, as well as the benefits of the company’s approach. At the bottom of the website, we implemented a Google Maps address of the business so that users will be able to find the company’s location faster and access the contact information.

Our main goal was to see the client satisfied and pleased with the outcome, and our team delivered with flying colors.