Pave Design

Project Introduction

Pave Design and jewelry is a noteworthy jewelry company based in downtown Los Angeles. Ever since opening their doors in 1990, they have provided custom-designed diamond jewelry, including a tremendous collection of rings, bracelets, charms, necklaces, and more. With a particular customer-focused approach, the company offers handcrafted jewelry products that are made with love and will brighten that special one’s day. Pave aims to establish long-term relationships with customers by providing high-quality, reliable, and stunning jewels designed both for everyday wear and special occasions. Skillful jewelers can handcraft dazzling jewels from a sketch for the customers who want to have custom pieces. To allow customers access to the company’s jewelry assortments, it is essential to create a user-friendly and aesthetic eCommerce website that has become a must for becoming successful in the current market. The tremendous evolvement of eCommerce businesses shows how efficient and profitable it is to have an eCommerce interface for establishing long-term customer relationships. Pave Design didn’t have a website at all, and they opted for us to create an easily digestible eCommerce interface with our digital solutions.

eCommerce Website Development

An easily navigable eCommerce website is one of the factors to build a long-term customer-business relationship, and that’s what our specialists aimed to create. We designed the website with the help of a Shopify template — our go-to platform for setting up the best online stores.The software provides a quick way to launch an eCommerce business and sell services to clients no matter where they are. We developed Pave Design’s website in a way that clients can order custom-designed jewelry without any hassle. Our specialists put relevant images and videos to showcase jewelry close up. The neutral and subtle colors of the website convey calm, welcoming, and optimistic emotions to the viewer. Our web developers designed the website from the ground up with product videos, eye-catching images, and easily navigable pages.

Digilite’s team made it possible to transfer the aesthetic and high-quality appearance of jewelry to the customers even online.