Delivery Mobile App & Dispatching System

Project Introduction

A local delivery company came to us with the vision of serving LA county with “lightning fast” delivery of food, flowers, alcohol, and more. As we discussed the blueprint for the on-demand application further, we came to the conclusion that two separate mobile applications were necessary — one for users and the other for drivers in the company. Features for the customer’s app would include pick-up and delivery location mapping, live tracking, scheduled deliveries, and much more. For the driver’s app, main features included in-app calling and messaging, delivery request panel, order details. To tie all of this together and maintain the company’s online presence, we also developed their company website.

Custom Mobile Application

The strategy for developing the company’s mobile applications was twofold. It included the development of a customer-side app and a driver-side app. This separated the platform for delivery drivers who work for the local delivery company from users who wish to order delivery for maximum efficiency. Additionally, both apps were made to support both iOS and Android devices. Our aim for the project was to create and optimize the user experience for both the client side and the server side of the delivery app from start to finish and we are more than satisfied with the end result. The apps included a variety of features including: Queued deliveries, Instant delivery estimates, Integration with online stores, Instant notifications, Zip code and customer-based pricing, Heat map, Reports,Driver performance and referral bonuses.