Project Introduction

Krovek is a family-run, custom-designed jewelry company that is specialized in handcrafted jewelry, from personalized pieces reflecting life's best events to timeless jewelry that can be worn for generations. The company sells a distinctive selection of jewelry, such as wedding and engagement rings, personalized letter necklaces, quality rings, and earrings. But, as you know, without a user-friendly and functional website, they couldn't accept orders from clients. Once they selected a Shopify template for their website, they came to us with a request for the template setup and structure, which we successfully met with the help of our professional team, but what does that entail?

Template Setup and Structure

Our tech team did the template setup and structure, making everything eye-pleasing for the user. We took into account the template that the client chose and used the same colors to configure everything accordingly. We also did product setup, customizing products to meet the client's needs and requirements. Additionally, our team set up a plug-in to expand the functionality of the website and add new features. We paid particular attention to user-friendliness, making the template well-organized and navigable.

Through dedicated and professional work, our team helped elevate the web template that our client chose into a website that doesn’t fall short of the competition.