Project Introduction

Working at her father’s jewelry business since childhood, Anie felt how essential it was to create an all-in-one tool that would combine essential jewelry-making functions such as polishing, sharpening, grinding, and more. That would make the process more effective, easier, quicker, and safer. Anie chose the 3M Company as her star partner to do this difficult task as the company’s industrial-grade abrasives were a perfect fit for JOOLTOOL™. This compact tool is trusted by different top professionals specializing in jewelry, woodworking, metalworking, automotive, aerospace, military, beauty industries, etc. Can you imagine that an innovative tool like this didn’t have a company website to call their own? That’s where we came in to build a fully-functional and eye-catching website for JOOLTOOL™ to establish the brand on the Internet.

Web Design and Development

A user-friendly, easy-navigable interface and professional design establish customer relationships and credibility, making visitors trust the business. Digilite’s tech team aimed to create a website that would include all the essential qualities and features that describe a professional interface. We used a Shopify template to design an eCommerce website that builds and manages the business. Through this eCommerce platform, we set up an online store that integrated products posts, social networking, payment features, and everything essential for the buyer experience. Our team came up with a clear website structure, featuring a careful placement of each section and making each product category have its own individual page — blogs, types of kits, new products, flexshaft & accessories, types of abrasives, etc. On the left side, we’ve provided even more details for the particular product page to help the clients implement more advanced filtering for finding the relevant items. The smooth transitions between the pages and relevant close-up images of each product helped the user navigate the items without any need to click on each of them.

“If your business isn’t on the Internet then it might as well not exist.” Skyrocket your online exposure with a brand new website today.