Gorjian Insurance Agency Inc.

Product Introduction

Whether it’s a homeowner’s, auto, or commercial insurance, Gorjian Insurance Agency Inc. is here to help clients complete applications for finding the insurance coverage that best matches their needs. The agency covers all of California, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Reaching clientele from all around the country requires a user-friendly and eye-catching website to cater to them. Our dedicated tech team was tasked with exactly that — creating a minimalistic, simple, and intuitive user interface where visitors can find the information they need easily and without any confusion.

WordPress Website Design and Development

Digilite’s tech team built a functional, customized, and minimalistic website with WordPress that provides a user-friendly, simple, and solid infrastructure. We chose the colors blue, black, and white to emphasize the company’s authority, trust, and clarity. Through good page load time, clear hierarchy, and straightforward navigation, visitors can easily find the relevant insurance application and complete it without any hassle. Digilite’s team aimed to provide the best user experience ever through simple structure, carefully chosen colors, clearly defined hierarchy, easy-to-find pages, consistent layout, and visuals that made the website fast and functional.

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