Project Introduction

Comprehensive Maintenance Inc. is an established handyman services provider based in Glendale, CA. They offer an array of home maintenance, home installation, repairing, and improvement services to local homeowners. CMI’s qualified specialists support customers with professionalism by providing services in different fields such as plumbing, flooring, carpentry, drywall, TV mounting, painting, and more. Considering current demands for successful businesses, it is essential to have an easily digestible interface to allow clients to request CMI’s services and inform technicians about their home maintenance issues. CMI needed a navigable website to get customers' requests quickly and solve clients' home improvement issues to achieve customer service satisfaction. To do that, CMI opted for us to create a user-friendly interface with the integration of SMS and email services, helping their clients to contact and get follow-ups without any trouble.

WordPress Website Design and Development

The quickest way to interact with clients and follow up on their requests is via a navigable website integrated with SMS and email services. For establishing strong customer relationships and communication, our team opted for Twilio SMS and SendGrid email services. Twilio is a customer communication platform that allows developers to apply robust messaging into applications and make it a breeze to send customers messages no matter where they are. SendGrid is an email delivery platform that provides opportunities to send millions of non-spam emails to clients. Our highly skilled developers created opportunities to receive service requests with text messages (SMS) and get email notifications of home maintenance issues. Moreover, we designed the company’s website using the most popular CMS software — WordPress. The software provides a wide range of themes to create an eye-pleasing and user-friendly website quickly and easily. Our web developers designed the website using bright and warm colors like yellow and red to catch the client’s attention and we applied relevant images and easily digestible pages for customers' best experience.

Using current technology advancements, Digilite’s team created opportunities for the company to serve and reach its customers in no time.