ABCO Electric Motors

Project Introduction

ABCO Electric Motors is a notable electronic services provider based in Los Angeles, CA. Specialized in industrial repair, over decades the company has been providing professional repairs for electric motors, pumps, and other electronic services. If customers have equipment that needs to be fixed, there is an opportunity for on-site service calls. The company collects electric motors and pumps that don’t work well and then delivers them to customers after fixing them. Highly experienced specialists work with customers providing an individual approach and emergency services if the repair problems are critical. For making on-site service calls and getting in touch with their customers, the company needed an easy-to-use and functional website. They referred to our digital services to design their website from the ground up, making it responsive to modern devices.

WordPress Website Design and Development

To create a modern website with current trends that support responsiveness and easiness, our team used WordPress. The software provides appealing design themes and flexibility to create user-friendly interfaces. We went with a minimalistic and clear website design that doesn’t have too multiple pages and subpages to confuse users. Our web developers created an efficient site structure which made it easier for users to scan the website. We used blue, white, and black colors, conveying feelings of stability and trust to the customers. Easily navigable pages, relevant close-up images, and eye-pleasing colors provided the overall flow of the website.

A functional website is the foundation of any modern-day business and our team was able to kickstart our client’s path to digital success.