Google on the March 2019 core update: This is not the biggest update we’ve released


The data shows that some websites that got hit hard with previous essential updates got improved with this last one.
When asked if this new core update reverses the previous core updates, a Google spokesperson gave a scripted comment:

We’re constantly developing our algorithms and build forward to improve.

However, Google didn’t reject it. Shortly said, Google announced, that it makes changes with the effort to evolve their algorithms. Actually, Google makes a few core updates per year and all of them are aimed at making improvements.

That being said, the data showed that some of the sites that got hit hard with previous core updates improved with this last one.

Penguin related? Google told that this update was not related to any of the past Penguin updates. The comment was: “This wasn’t a Penguin update, because we no longer have those, as we’ve said before in our announcement. This was a core update, as we’ve mentioned.”

Google didn’t go into more details around how big this update was, saying “we’re not characterizing it beyond that.”

Neural matching. Google said all important updates and neural matching updates are unrelated. In fact, Google highlighted that they checked to see if any updates to Google’s neural matching were released during the same time as any of the core updates and they were not.

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